In the March issue of GFB Monthly, I began with the importance of the word, “Welcome”. After a one-month sabbatical during the early crunch of the evil virus and all the confusion surrounding it, we offer ourselves a Welcome Back message. Honestly, we were so impressed and honored by so many of you who contacted us saying you missed us during April. We assured all we would be back and never meant to leave…not unlike so many of our “on hiatus” small, entrepreneurial and innovative businesses who are now at the forefront of the “recovery”, we hope.

As always, our mission is to support business and economic development in the Catawba Valley with a narrow focus on small, entrepreneurial and innovative businesses and the people who make them successful.

So, this late May issue continues to offer insight (our LEARN category by EDC President Scott Millar), viewpoints (our LEAD category by Dr. Garrett Hinshaw) and contributions (see READ in which Dr. Wayne Powell weighs in on his recommendation of a good read). Dr. Brian Jackson continues his highly regarded series “Technology Tips and Taboos” under the IMPROVE category, this issue offering tips for “Working From Home”…timely, huh? And others.

Be SURE to read the APPLAUD category. So many accolades to send out…and MANY more to come as we honor local heroes, champion survivor businesses, and celebrate initiatives.

So, WELCOME BACK, GFB Connect, Inc. THANK YOU, we all, editors, publishers and writers, say in return. We appreciate your patronage, suggestions, ideas and critiques.

Pass on your thoughts and acknowledgement of GFB Connect, Inc. to friends, relatives and even the chance meetings. Encourage them to visit our website ( to sign up, for free, to receive both the GFB Monthly and the GFB NOW. We now have over 6,000 subscribers in the Catawba Valley.

In the June issues we will be accepting our first local advertisers. We need them. Their tastefully done and non-intrusive (to your reading pleasure – no pop-ups, no moving ads, all done with class) ads will keep you alert to valuable services and products to continue our upward growth in the area.

Thank you! – AGAIN

Tony Jackson, GFB Connect, Inc. Managing Director