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I’ve always wondered (until now)…

• What is the tip of my elbow called?   Answer: the decranon

• How many hours do we actually use our cars?  Answer: the average automobile spends 95% of its useful life not moving (parked)

If you straightened out a French Horn, how long would it be?  Answer: 20’, but why ruin a good horn? Really?

• Does anyone still use an iron lung? Answer: Yes. In 2019, three people still use an iron lung in the US. Remember the Miracle of Hickory?

• What is the most discarded piece of trash thrown out of car windows in the world? Answer: Cigarette butts

Probably not a big surprise…just look beside your car at any intersection…

• OK cat lovers, this one’s for YOU. Are there more dogs or cats in the US? Answer: There are currently 13 million more cats than dogs in the US. I guess we know who has been “catting around”, huh?

• SO, you love your jeans, do you? Well, thank our water supply as well. How much water is involved in the production of a pair of jeans? Answer:  It takes more than 2,500 gallons of water to produce a single pair of jeans. I assume they are only talking about “faded” jeans.

• Other than our US military, who orders the largest amount of explosive material? Answer: Disney, for its nightly fireworks show.

 • What is a lychnobite? OK, so maybe I haven’t been wondering this…but thought it was interesting! Answer: A person who works at night and sleeps during the day. Take notice 3rd shift workers…call your fellow nighttime co-workers this, and you may be on the floor!

By Anthony K. (Tony) Jackson, MBA, Entrepreneur, Founder of GFB Connect, Inc.

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