The Old Habit of Homeworking

Nations declaring a state of emergency, countries’ economies stopping, stock markets collapsing, supermarket food shelves empty, people protecting themselves with masks, and a newly mutated pandemic virus rapidly expanding among humanity.

Time is Money…But Less Is More

Time is the most precious element in our life. There is nothing we hate more than wasting our time on a useless task. For example, you may have already scrolled down to check how long this article is, and thought…do I have time for a 5-minute read?

Retracing the 9 to 5

There are many things we do on a daily basis that have become second nature to us, however, we barely think about them. They simply slip away from our minds, unnoticed. Have you ever wondered why we work 8 hours a day?

Aloha Fridays

One of the more interesting evolutions in the workplace has been the emergence of the ever-so popular “Casual Friday” trend adopted either formally or not so by many offices and worksites in Catawba County.