Smart Work, Regardless of Where Work Is to be Done

O.K., I admit it, though I hope this short piece will be of help to you as you do whatever you do, it is really written as a “self-help” piece…for ME. So why are we placing this article under the LEAD category? Because we are all the sole leader of ourselves, right?

“Why, Oh Why, Do I Do This?”

It causes nothing but frustration, for me and for others. Does it produce better quality? Maybe, maybe not. Do many people have this “affliction”, or is it just me? Oh, man! What do I do now?

Just Some Thinking….

I sit here in my office looking at…posters with quotes on my office walls.

OK, I admit being a sucker for a good quote. Complex thoughts wrapped into neat, compact packages. I can usually wrap my simpler mind around them and even remember them and recite them to others.