Want A Job? Sell Yourself First.

Whether we see a dramatic shift to “work from home”, “work remotely”, “work your own best schedule” or simply changes in the design, furnishing, lighting, and workflow of our current workplaces…things will be different.

Hot Lips Houlihan – “Comparers”

I remember vividly one episode of the vintage “M.A.S.H.” series in which the mad lovers, Hot Lips Houlihan and Major Frank Burns were in a tight embrace, when suddenly they separated with Frank gasping, “You are so wonderful, Margaret!”

So, Just What Is an Entrepreneur? – Part 2

If you read Part 1 of “So, Just What Is…” in the January issue (also available on the GFB website, www.gfbconnect.com), you know some of my personal insights into this highly favored, rapidly growing, and often misunderstood mystic of “becoming an entrepreneur”.

So, Just What is an Entrepreneur? Part One

I think my Dad was an entrepreneur. I know I am. However, if you asked me to define exactly what and who an entrepreneur is, I don’t think I could provide a coherent, consistent opinion. At least, not until I researched this seemingly simple question.

I Learned the Hard Way

“Corporate Culture” is another popular term to express “how people act and interact” within a company. This culture is not really defined, rather it is sensed and observed, though a growing number of companies have crafted, published and posted their “employee expectations” or behavioral code (e.g. Waffle House has its “Waffle House Way” posted in its employee area).