Taking Bets on Catawba County – A Good Move

There is no doubt that our “New World” will be different than our old world in many ways, but, to slightly paraphrase Warren Buffet’s bullishness on America, I’d say “Don’t count out Catawba”.

An Entrepreneur – “All In”

I believe I have just spent two hours interviewing a model of entrepreneurism.

GFB Connect focuses on celebrating small, locally-owned and entrepreneurial businesses in the Catawba Valley with the belief that these “gem” are not only a representation of what we do best, but will determine the future economic and business success of our area and the Valley’s attractiveness to others as a place to live and work.

A Nice NOTION of Uptown/Downtown Hickory

Downtown Hickory is changing…and yet staying the same.

Most Catawba Valley residents know of the creative and expansive renovations being made to both the downtown Hickory and Newton central business districts.