Welcome Back…To Us

In the March issue of GFB Monthly, I began with the importance of the word, “Welcome”. After a one-month sabbatical during the early crunch of the evil virus and all the confusion surrounding it, we offer ourselves a Welcome Back message.

Want A Job? Sell Yourself First.

Whether we see a dramatic shift to “work from home”, “work remotely”, “work your own best schedule” or simply changes in the design, furnishing, lighting, and workflow of our current workplaces…things will be different.

Good Reads: May 2020

The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson, my favorite historical novel author. This is yet another fine example of how Larson weaves parallel stories to a common intersection point.

Smart Work, Regardless of Where Work Is to be Done

O.K., I admit it, though I hope this short piece will be of help to you as you do whatever you do, it is really written as a “self-help” piece…for ME. So why are we placing this article under the LEAD category? Because we are all the sole leader of ourselves, right?

Just Enjoy

FIRST and foremost, celebrate with me the upcoming release of the 33rd annual edition of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader – another classic, I am sure.

Hands Together, Thumbs Up, Congrats!

The Catawba County Chamber of Commerce. Always busy, always supporting, always championing the continued growth and economic development of our fine county, the Chamber has announced (May 20 on the Chamber website, accessible whether you are a member or not) an assist to local businesses (member and non-member) as they move toward a “re-opened community”.

Applaud: March 2020

A new “gathering place” being established (in progress) in the old BB&T building in Bethlehem, Alexander County, right across the river on Hwy 127.

The Butterfly Says It All

Panic, frustration, idle curiosity, aggravation, too much time, and the need to re-focus. Now those are hardly typical reasons to start a company, particularly if they are all being encountered at the same time.

Visions Coming to Life

Several images came to mind during a drive to Hickory following a multi-hour luncheon with Gary L. Herman (Alexander County Public Information Officer) and Connie Kincaid (Alexander County EDC Business Development Manager and former highly-regarded Director of Hickory’s Downtown Development Commission).