Applaud: February 2020

The progress being made on 1 North Center (new apartment building across from Hickory City Hall) due to some favorable weather and nice work by David E. Looper & Company.

Welcome to GFB Monthly

What does GFB stand for? “Good For Business”. And that is what we intend to be…a resource supporting local businesses and workers and their pursuit of quality business practice.

Why All the Fuss About Customer Service?

Ask any businessperson, CEO, entrepreneur…or even person on the street, “What is the most important thing an enterprise can do well to build their business?” There is a significant chance the response will be “excel at customer service”.

So, Just What is an Entrepreneur? Part One

I think my Dad was an entrepreneur. I know I am. However, if you asked me to define exactly what and who an entrepreneur is, I don’t think I could provide a coherent, consistent opinion. At least, not until I researched this seemingly simple question.

I Learned the Hard Way

“Corporate Culture” is another popular term to express “how people act and interact” within a company. This culture is not really defined, rather it is sensed and observed, though a growing number of companies have crafted, published and posted their “employee expectations” or behavioral code (e.g. Waffle House has its “Waffle House Way” posted in its employee area).

Good Reads: January 2020

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx

Just a few good reads we, at GFB Connect, are into now:

An Entrepreneur – “All In”

I believe I have just spent two hours interviewing a model of entrepreneurism.

GFB Connect focuses on celebrating small, locally-owned and entrepreneurial businesses in the Catawba Valley with the belief that these “gem” are not only a representation of what we do best, but will determine the future economic and business success of our area and the Valley’s attractiveness to others as a place to live and work.

A Nice NOTION of Uptown/Downtown Hickory

Downtown Hickory is changing…and yet staying the same.

Most Catawba Valley residents know of the creative and expansive renovations being made to both the downtown Hickory and Newton central business districts.

Just Some Thinking….

I sit here in my office looking at…posters with quotes on my office walls.

OK, I admit being a sucker for a good quote. Complex thoughts wrapped into neat, compact packages. I can usually wrap my simpler mind around them and even remember them and recite them to others.